Review of Keurig B70 Single Cup Coffee Maker

The Award winner for Good design, Keurig B70 coffee maker is the quitest brewer ever. Released in october 2006, comes with a lot of advanced features and a variety of cup sizes to choose from.

Keurig Platinum B70 Coffee Maker Features

Keurig B70The 4 brew sizes available in the Keurig B70 are a robust 5 oz, a regular of 7oz, a large of 9 oz and an extra large of 11 oz to choose from. The Keurig platinum B70 coffee maker model comes with the additional size of 11 oz which is not available in the other Keurig home models of Keurig B40 and the Keurig B60.

A good feature to have if you are used to drinking a big cup of coffee is setting your preferred brew size as the default one.

So weather you are entertaining or its for a regular day to day use, this Keurig special edition gourmet single serve coffee maker can be a great addition to your kitchen if larger cup sizes is one of a standard requirement you have from your coffee machine.

As with the other Keurig coffee machines, using the My K-cup reusable coffee filter allows you to use your own gourmet ground coffee in your Keurig platinum B70 machine.So you can enjoy your preferred brew in your Keurig B70 using homemade pods.

This Keurig model comes with a 60 oz water reservoir, which can quite useful, especially if you are entertaining.

It comes with a much bigger, programmable LCD screen, as compared to the Keurig B60 coffee maker model, to display messeges, with a blue backlit, it indicates instructions like when the brewer is ready to brew, the water level in the water reservoir.

You can programme the brewer to turn on and off at particular times, so during the on times the brewer will maintain hot water in the tank and is always ready for you. So weather you have most of your coffee between morning 6am and 10am or its the evening 5pm to 7pm time slot, simply programme your machine and there wont be any waiting times during those pre-set times for your perfect brew.

Another standard feature of the removable drip tray of Keurig coffee machines, can be a handy feature, fits a cup the travel cup size easily and with minimum spills and drips.

Choosing Your Keurig K-cups

Pick from the 190 variety of Keurig K-cups or use your favourite gourmet ground coffee using the My k-cup if you dont find a flavor to taste your bud, which is very difficult considering the huge variety on the offer.

If you love your coffee strong, then k-cups even come with the extra bold K-cups, these have 30% more ground coffee in each of them to make a really strong cup of coffee.

So, whatever the size of coffee cup you are used to drinking at home, the sleek, aesthetically pleasing Keurig B70 coffee maker should fill your cup easily in one go.

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