Keurig K-Cup Serving Your Favourite Coffee, Tea Or Hot Chocolate

Given the 2006 Winner of the GOOD DESIGN Award, you can probably find a Keurig K-Cup that contains a single serving of your favorite flavor of coffee, tea, or hot chocolate.

Engineered to keep the moisture, oxygen, and light from your preferred brew until you are ready to use it, the Keurig K-Cup is easy to use and leaves you with no mess to clean up.

How do the Keurig K-Cups work?

Keurig-K-Cup-ExperienceInside the little plastic cup that reminds you of a single serve half-n-half cup is one great cup of coffee. Keurig has manufactured a design that protects the coffee inside until you are ready to use it.

Inside the cup is a miniature paper coffee filter. Surrounding the coffee filter filled with your favorite coffee is an oxygen and moisture barrier that keeps the coffee inside free of light, moisture, and oxygen.

These barriers protect the ingredients, your favorite coffee blend, from those things that would make it grow stale and unusable.

When the pressurized hot water hits the cup as it brews inside your Keurig Coffee Machine, the ingredients are fresh for your coffee first thing in the morning.

K-cups for Keurig Coffee Makers

Keurig Coffee Makers are well known in the single serve coffee industry. They produce a great cup of coffee, tea, and hot chocolate in less than a minute.

The Keurig K Cups used in these machines were manufactured specifically for the machines and leave you with a great cup of coffee and none of the mess of the traditional filter types of coffee makers.

These machines are found in homes as well as offices. In each of these situations, the need of the coffee drinker is to find a great cup of coffee. These coffee machines, whether for commercial or home use provide great quality with the help of the Keurig K Kups.

Varieties of Keurig K-Cups

Well, what kind of coffee would you like today? With the Keurig coffee pod, that question won’t be nagging at you anymore. Furthermore, you won’t have to pull a selfless act and say that your son’s favorite coffee if fine this morning or maybe you won’t have to drink decaffeinated when you really want full strength.

Beginning with regular coffee, you can choose from bold, dark roast, medium roast, and others. Each one gives one cup of coffee specifically designed to cater to your taste buds.

For those who are partial to decaf coffee, either for your taste buds or for your diet, there are several different brands and flavors. You can get French roast decaf or Columbia roast decaf. There also special blends for the decaf drinker – French Vanilla, Hazelnut, and Breakfast Blends.

There is even a Half-Decaffeinated coffee you might enjoy. You might also enjoy the Jazzed Up Decaf Coffee by Emerils.

Looking for a great organic coffee? You can find that choice as well. Newman’s Own Organic special decaf and organic special blend extra bold. You also could consider Sumatran Reserve Extra Bold Coffee by Green Mountain.

keurig kcup sampleSeveral coffee brands represent Fair Trade coffees. Newman’s Own Organic, some Green Mountain coffees, Timothy’s, Caribou, Tully’s, and Van Houtte represent those who produce fair trade coffees. Try a Fair Trade Crème Caramel or a Rain Forest Nut Coffee.

For those of you who really love the flavored coffees, there is quite a variety. You can find Butter Toffee, Cinnamon Mocha, Irish Crème, Southern Pecan Pie, Swiss Chocolate Almond, Wild Mountain Blueberry, Blueberry Cobbler, and Crème Brulee for starters.

One that you won’t want to miss is the Mudslide Coffee by Gloria Jeans. And if you just can’t decide between all those exciting flavors, just order the variety pack, especially if you are new to Keurig K-Cups. Then you’ll know exactly which one you like the best for your next order.

For those who sometimes prefer to sit down with a great cup of tea or hot chocolate, there’s plenty of Keurig K-cup choices to love for you as well.

English Breakfast Tea, Chai Green Tea, Earl Grey, as well as several flavored blends will give you a great cup of tea. Ghirardelli and Green Mountain both offer a great hot chocolate K-Cup as well.

Since your mouth is watering for your favorite hot beverage, join us for a single cup of coffee – your choice, this morning and all day long with your favourite Keurig K-cup coffee, tea or hot chocolate.

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