LEGO Starbucks Hot Coffee Maker Machine

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coffee machine
Image by clogsilk
The very first of my heart-a-day mini series. Love a nice cup of coffee from my fab new coffee machine when I get residence from work!

Just lately, I have had difficulties waking up for college, possibly since I do not drink coffee. Even so, in try to make the drink a lot more attractive, I combined it with my unceasing obsession with LEGO® bricks!

Astonishing Studios is a YouTube channel for LEGO® fans, foodies, the younger, and young at heart. We produce vending machines out of LEGO® bricks and showcase a new creation every single other week.


LEGO® and Starbucks are trademark of the LEGO® Group of Organizations and the Starbucks Corporation, respectively, which do not sponsor, authorize or endorse this YouTube channel.
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