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Coffee maker wishing nicely
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Image by Rochelle, just rochelle
We were on the UW-Madison campus on May 3 for National Historical past Day competitors. Whilst strolling close to, we identified this sitting in a window ledge at the major library. Later on that day it had been transformed into a sort of wishing well.

On hazing, sexism, and malfunctioning coffee makers
Becoming a female is not supposed to be offensive. It is not supposed to be a joke or a prank or a laughing matter. Some baseball gamers, current and former, feel it is. “Welcome to the majors, rook. Here’s a skirt and my coffee buy.” It’s a harmless adequate …


Spinn Coffee Maker Extracts Flavor Better Than Obtaining Your Own Private Barista
Like the goose that laid golden eggs, many are looking for the ideal coffee maker that can make perfect cups of coffee, and now, it has been found – Spinn, the greatest coffee maker that can make the excellent cup of coffee, each and every time. Pack it with your …


Stomp your way to the coffee maker in these giant robot slippers
If you take pleasure in wearing slippers during the colder months, there’s no cause you can not shuffle to your neighborhood Target and grab a basic pair of the slip-on assortment. They are straightforward and will keep your tootsies toasty. But if you have a inventive soul—and we …


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