13 Highly Giftable Vintage Coffee-Table Books From the Depths of Amazon

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13 Extremely Giftable Vintage Coffee-Table Books From the Depths of Amazon
Out of Print is a series of present posts we’ll be running this month and following, exactly where we’ll be digging by way of the dark recesses of Amazon and discovering the ideal-searching versions of the very best books that make the best gifts. Right here, Luke Ives Pontifell of …


Five of the very best coffee table books
As a portrait photographer of the likes of Marlene Dietrich, Horst P Horst was also identified for his trend photography. When Diana Vreeland became editor-in-chief of US Vogue in 1963, she assigned him to shoot the interiors of the tastemakers of that age.


Picture these trendy books on your coffee table
Come vacation time, there’s never ever a shortage of splashy coffee-table books to please just about any aficionado. Some suggestions for the fashionable set: “Fashion Produced Fair,” by Magdalena Schaffrin and Ellen Kohrer (Prestel, $ 49.95). Know somebody deeply …


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